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Solitude Diaries - Piano Solo Album

40 tunes from mathias rüegg played by Soley Blümel, Jean-Christophe Cholet, Ladislav Fančovič, Johanna Gröbner, František Jánoška Oliver Kent, Lukas Kletzander, mathias rüegg, Oliver Schnyder & Elias Stemeseder.

J SolitudeDiaries_CD_Booklet_Titel.jpg

The CD costs € 18.50 incl. shipping. The two Music Books cost together € 25.00 incl. shipping. CD and the two books cost all together € 33.- incl. shipping. My bank account is: mathias rüegg, Oberbank Wien. AT 9415 0000 0501 1357 27


Please note there is an added CD (no cover, no booklet) in Sheet Music Volume I. 




Here are all the available printed big Band scores. If you want to order a tune inclusive all the single charts please contact me at: Practically all other charts are available too, but "only" hand written.

mathias rüegg, Westbahnstrasse 10/5,
A - 1070 Wien. Mail:

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