Solitude Diaries - Piano Solo Album

40 tunes from mathias rüegg played by Soley Blümel, Jean-Christophe Cholet, Ladislav Fančovič, Johanna Gröbner, František Jánoška Oliver Kent, Lukas Kletzander, mathias rüegg, Oliver Schnyder & Elias Stemeseder.

CD - Booklet

CD Solitude Diaries
CD Solitude Diaries

Lotus Records

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The CD costs € 18.50 incl. shipping. The two Music Books cost together € 25.00 incl. shipping. CD and the two books cost all together € 33.- incl. shipping. My bank account is: mathias rüegg, Oberbank Wien. AT 9415 0000 0501 1357 27     mail:

Please note there is an added CD (no cover, no booklet) in Sheet Music Volume I. 




Here are all the available printed big Band scores. If you want to order a tune inclusive all the single charts please contact me at: Practically all other charts are available too, but "only" hand written.

mathias rüegg, Westbahnstrasse 10/5,
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